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weekend recap.

Hullo Monday!!  Let’s pretend we’re excited to see you, shall we?  Fake it til you make it, and stuff.

How was everyone’s weekend?  Ours was good.  Not fantastic, not god-awful, just plain old good.  You feel me?

We attempted to go camping on Mt Hood on Friday, but halfway up the mountain the weather switched from sunny to the Perfect Storm.  Like, scary, swirly, cartoon-style lightening and hail storm.  Dang it if I wasn’t excited to experience lightening and thunder though!  That’s (one of the) crazy things about Portland, it rains like whoa but there are never actually any thunderstorms.  I miss them so terribly much… Anyways!  It was creepy and we decided we didn’t really feel like death by lightening bolt so we turned around, went home and watched 3 episodes of Orange is the New Black instead.  Has anyone else been watching that show?  We’re obsessed.  Netflix has been killing it with their original series’s lately, don’t you think?

So no camping for us, but who doesn’t love to spend 5 hours in the car for no reason?

pup shoulder[ somebody really wanted to sit in the front seat with me. ]

family photo[ family photo of the camping trip that wasn’t. ]

We also hit up a driving range on Saturday.  It’s only been 3 years since I hit a golf ball and it’s kind of shocking how sore my back is.  I was pleasantly surprised though that I didn’t accidentally toss my club while swinging OR intentionally bash it into the ground out of frustration.  Neither of those things have ever happened before, of course.  (…side-eye….)  I’m NOT a good golfer, let’s just be honest here.  This is a safe space.

It was way more fun than I remembered though.  And we weren’t even drinking beers!  Riddle me that.

Check out all our skillz.

casey golfs[ he was really patient with me.  and he gave me most of the balls.  which sounds weird.  ]

golfer 1[ i’m so good and golf is serious. ]

golfer 2[ just kidding i’m terrible and weeee! ]

Is it Tuesday yet?

workin out.

gunshow[ note: this is an old photo from back in our half marathon training days.  I’ve since added 1 chin and 2 belly rolls to my physique. ]

Can someone please teach me how to not gain weight in the summer?  With all the happy hours + beer fests + ice cream + cheese in general, it’s literally impossible.  Oh, working out, you say?  That’s still a thing?

But yes, I’m feeling a little robust these days.  I know I just need to stop acting like humpty dumpty and get moving a bit more.  Casey and I actually just got a pass to a gym in our new neighborhood and we’ve been trying out these funky classes.  Monday we went to TRX.  Have you been?  If so, kudos.  I almost died a little bit.  We used these suspensions straps to do all these really difficult moves like mid-air pushups.  Blerg, that stuff was tough.

And then the next night we hit up 75 minutes of yoga.  I’ve tried yoga once before and didn’t really love it but still always wanted to give it another go.  I’ve just been scared to go to a class where everyone is all awesome and bendy and I’m all… not.  Which is why I was so pleasantly surprised when Casey said he’d try with me.  I later found out that the main reason he agreed to try it was because Joe Rogan does yoga.  (Joe Rogan is the old host of Fear Factor who now hosts his own podcast.. or something?  All I know is that Casey listens to him on his way to work everyday and if I had a dime for every Joe Rogan reference I’ve heard in the past few months….. I could probably buy a really nice block of cheese) So anyways, we yoga’d!  And it was pretty fun.  I had some difficulty with the focusing, breathing and all around relaxation that’s supposed to be a part of it but I’m hoping that’ll come with time.  Right?  Also, I’m currently googling ‘how to keep your hands from slipping when downward facing dogging’, so I have those results to look forward to.

What else?  I just ate a bunch of kale for lunch, so that’s cool.  And then I promptly rewarded myself with a lemon bar.  Lemons are fruit so I figure I’m in good shape.  But I’m not, in good shape.  Is the point.

Baby steps!  Namaste.

letters to my life.

Dear work, you were pretty hard on me last week.  I hope you cool your jets this week, for literal crying out loud.

Dear bachelorette party, you were so much fun on Saturday.  But apparently wearing a slip under my dress and going home at 7:30 makes me old?  I guess I’m cool with that.

Dear driver in the red car this morning,  I’m sorry for accidentally flashing you my upper thigh on the street earlier.  I don’t know when I’ll learn my lesson that skirts + biking don’t mix.

Dear kale, get out of my teeth gap.  I felt you settle in there 30 mins ago and you’ve now overstayed your welcome. Work with me here.

Dear new gym, we’re thinking of trying you out tonight.  Although the thought is nauseating, since I haven’t hung out with the likes of you in months…

Dear Minneapolis, I miss you.

Dear parents, I love you but don’t get your hopes up after that last one.

Dear wine, is it appropriate to drink you after the gym tonight?  Let’s discuss.

Dear bug bite on my cheek that I thought was a zit, I’m really sorry that I messed with you yesterday.  I made an assumption about you and that was wrong of me.  I can see that you’re getting back at me now by tripling in size and itchiness.   Thanks for that.

Dear kale again, we did it!

Dear work elevator, this was highly appropriate today:

pop1 pop2

Dear blog readers, hello I love you goodbye.

P.S. Letters to my life Volumes 1 and 2.

a weekend in words.

I’ve taken approximately 3 pictures over the past week, which mostly just sucks for you guys because what’s a blog post without pictures?  You’ll have to rely solely on my wordsmithing skills to paint you a picture of my incredibly exciting life.  So… basically I’ve been having amazing hair days, the weather has been incredible and I’ve been doing the fanciest things.  Ok maybe only like, one of those things is legit.  I’m not going to tell you which one though, a girl needs to be a little mysterious, no?

But yes, I’ve been slacking in the photo department.  I think it was that we we’ve had so much going on over the past few weeks that I just wanted to do stuff for a few days without documenting it.  Photographically at least.  In theory it was great but now when I actually want to tell you about it, all I have are my words.  You’re welcome?  I’m sorry?

We did have a pretty great weekend though.  There was a beer festival with friends on Friday night, a birthday brunch in the park and then dinner at a friend’s house on Saturday, and Sunday was spent doing house-type projects before we treated ourselves to a picnic table crawfish boil at our favorite neighborhood bar.  A crawfish boil probably eliminates “doing fancy things” from my mystery list.  I didn’t really have you fooled on that one though, did I?

On top of all that PG13 fun, we also found time to hit up Home Depot, Target and Ikea.  We had lists and everything!  At one point on Saturday we considered trading in the Ford Focus for a minivan because really what’s left to do after you’ve spent the weekend brunching and dealing with window treatments going to the freaking park?  I think we aged 8 years over those two days… I kind of feel like I’m one light fixture away from getting bangs and joining a book club.

It was good weekend, whatever.  How was yours?

It feel weird not showing you any pics though – so here is one of the three photos I took over the last five days.

IMG_4174Again, not fancy.  And it has nothing to do with our weekend.  But oh man Portland, I do love your weirdness.