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house huntin’.

Who asked that guy?

In case I haven’t mentioned it, the hubs and I are looking into buying our first home.  Which is so very exciting.  But also so very scary.  The whole situation makes me feel like Jessie Spano.

Anyway, a few weeks back I found myself super bored at work and wound up on the HGTV House Hunters website.  Long story short, I submitted us and we are now being considered for the show.  We have a few hoops to jump through, but how cool would that be?  We could be celebretards!  Then I could finally rub elbows with people like the Olsen Twins and Pauly Shore.

However!  According to Casey, it “doesn’t sound that fun”.


I mean I know it’s a long shot, but come on!

My favorite part is at the end when the two people tell each other which place they liked the most, as if they haven’t discussed it prior to being on camera and it’s news to both of them.  “Which house do you like best? #2? Me too! Oh I’m so relieved!”  Duh guys, you obviously talked about it before you got on camera.  Can you imagine if you really had to keep it from each other until that very moment and you actually wanted two different houses?  Now that would be some reality TV.


let’s go campin, ya’ll!

We’re taking a little camping trip this weekend, for two whole nights.  While that’s definitely not a marathon camping trip by any means, it’s bound to be an interesting experience.  Gus (monster dog) hasn’t quite warmed up to the whole camping experience yet.  The last time we went he ate so much dirt and foliage that his Big Potty was black for two days.  He also gets freaked out by any sort of noise he hears during the night.  It’s the city dog in him, he’s used to sirens and loud homeless people, not birds and rivers.

Speaking of being a city dog though, I actually had a woman stop me on the street the other day because she was so impressed that Gus was going Big Potty on the concrete instead of the grass.  ……. Ummm…thank you…?……. This conversation also took place midway through Gus’s bathroom break.  Luckily, he doesn’t have stage fright so he finished like a champ.

Anyways, back to camping.  The worst Gus spectacle occurred when he was tied up to one of our folding chairs and heard a noise, freaked out and took off, pulling the chair on his leash behind him.  He then turned around, thought that the chair was chasing him and got even more freaked out.  Luckily the chair hit a bump in the road and Casey was able to tackle Gus to the ground.

Ok, the last part didn’t happen, but it makes for a better ending.  It’s not as funny to say that Casey grabbed Gus’s collar and safely brought him back to the site where I was cussing under my breath because I couldn’t get the fire to start with my crumpled InStyle magazine kindling.

Cheers to the weekend!

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ode to scarves.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with September.

On one hand, it’s JUSTNOTFAIR that summer is coming to an end.  The hubs and I hit a turning point this spring/summer when we actually started to meet and build some pretty great relationships with new people that we’ve met in Portland.  And we find ourselves constantly busy with festivals, happy hours and hikes.  (Please don’t read too much into this – I can still count my Portland acquaintances on one hand… and one of those acquaintances may or may not be my husband.  And another one may or may not be my dog, Gus.  And a third may or may not be the Starbucks barista who notices when I’ve worn heels one day and flats the next.)

On the other hand, I love fall!  Crisp air… golden leaves… and pumpkin lattes at every local coffee shop.  I also find myself much more physically active when the temperature cools down a wee bit.  It’s so much easier to go for a run when I’m not weighed down by the 17 food cart delicacies I tried the previous day at one food fest or another.  Fall is also the time when I can get away with shaving my legs every other (ok, maybe every 3rd) day.

But the bottom line is, my scarves are getting a little peeved that I’ve been weeping into them nightly, telling them how much I miss them.

So, for the sake of everything cotton/polyester blend, I am fully embracing fall with open arms.  As long as those arms are chock full of pumpkin spice lattes.  And scarves.