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did someone say it’s friday?




You know how when you say a word over and over again it starts to lose it’s meaning?  I just did that with the word ‘happy’ while trying to think of a name for this blog post.  I’ve now forgotten what it means and how to pronounce it.

The End.

Just kidding, I’m back.  Phonetics restored!

So, the husband and I just watched the documentary Happy last week.  And I must say, it was a good ‘un.  The director, Roko Belic, spent several years tracking down happiness and what actually makes people happy all around the world.  Not surprising, money and status had little to no influence on people’s overall happiness.  In fact, the average American is no happier than a rickshaw driver living in the slums of India.

The whole film really made me think about why I put so much value on certain things that ultimately will not make me any happier (like clothes)… and why I don’t devote the time and energy to things that I already know will (like really really cute clothes friends and family and good health).

There’s a personal mantra of sorts that I’ve been saying to myself lately – “Play an active role in your own life”.  Instead of allowing myself to wallow in negative feelings, I should be doing things that I know will make me happier.  Whether that means getting my arse outta bed to work out in the morning… or not freaking out because the toilet paper is sitting on top of the dispenser and not actually on the dispenser (!!!!!??!!!!!!!)

…..deep breaths everyone…..

Anyhoodizzle, I highly recommend the film.  It most certainly influenced me in a positive way.  And that’s the whole point, right?  Right.

Now, please repeat anyhoodizzle over and over and over again and see if it loses it’s meaning…

have you?

The baby conversation has been a big one in our house lately.  I mean, we’ve been married for over two years, we’re in our late-20’s (gulp.) and most importantly – all our friends are doing it!!  But we’re just not quite there yet.

So, while my oven remains bunless for the immediate future, I can’t help but crack up at this website and imagine sending it to everyone I know when I’ve hit my ninth month of pregnancy.

Have you had that baby yet?