letters to my life.

Dear husband, come home from your work trip.  I miss you.  And I’m really sick of taking the dog out.

Dear popcorn, it’s been a while.  Let’s rendezvous tonight.

Dear rendezvous, you’re like, crazy hard to spell.

Dear hair, why do you look so confused today?

Dear Dad, I miss you.  Thanks for the really sweet text this morning.  You rock my socks.

Dear big brother, I miss you too.  Even if you didn’t like our beer :)

Dear meatbag, why did you have to awkwardly growl during my meeting today?  You’d just had a banana.

Dear Friday, where you at gurl?

Dear leg hair, yes, I see you.  No, I don’t care.  My husband is on a work trip.

Dear new sheets, I can’t wait to rub my face in you tonight.

Dear cheeseburgers, I really miss you sometimes.

Dear new sheets again, nevermind, I don’t feel like making the bed.

Dear 4AM wake up call, you’re an a-hole and I am dreading seeing you tomorrow.


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