a day for LOVE.

loveloveloveHappy Valentine’s Day LOVErs and friends!

I know the Big V (day) has a bad rap with the singles crowd and the self-proclaimed non-romantics, but I for one LOVE it.  Any day that involves flowers, candy and kissing ^^this^^ little nugget more than usual is a-ok in my book.  Plus, it’s a reminder to reach out to all the people you LOVE, not just your significant other.  (So Mr. Jimmy John & Sir Papa Murphy, you can expect a call from me later.)

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day to all my fellow LOVE-shmucks.  Especially you husband, because you’re the best.  I love you more today than the day I married you.  And definitely more than the day I met you in eighth grade, when you were wearing cargo jeans and I was dating one of your best friends. I’m glad we solved both of those problems. You’ll always be my Valentine. I LOVE you.

*For all you sassy singles out there, reread this post and drink every time you see the word “love”.  And then send me a text.  Cuz you know, you’ll be all silly.


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