weekly wrap up.


It’s Friday for the win!  Even though it’s been a short week (thanks for giving us Monday off, Abe Lincoln!), it has still been tough, busy and stressful.  I couldn’t be more excited to rub my face into the weekend.

So to wrap up the week, here are few fun things I found on the interwebs when I shoulda been working….

My dog, the paradox.  I’m convinced this was written about Gus.

Why thank you, mug.

This story terrifies me.

Pipcorn! For anyone looking for an early birthday present for me.  Ahem.

Anyone in the design or advertising field, preach.

Katy Perry + Butter = Paula Deen?  Pretty creepy.

This blog post made me snort-laugh at my desk.  Good times. I definitely have gotten into some weird word-tangles in my lifetime.  Remember Talkboys?  The recording device toy from Home Alone?  Well I used to call them Playboys.  And back in the day I really wanted one for Christmas, so that was fun to see my grandparents faces when I told them what I wanted for Christmas that year.  I also once awkwardly referred to my head as my “knocker” in front of my dad and brothers.  I don’t know why and I don’t think they noticed the boob/head reference but Casey definitely did and he thought it was hilare.

I want to make these and then make bet with Casey on how fast they will disappear.

Oh, and then the screaming goats.

Happy Friday my friends!  xx

(photo by Aya Bracket)



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