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let’s talk about food.



Time for some random thoughts.

So, maybe this is just us but there are some foods that when we have them at our house, it’s like Christmas.  And it’s not even like they’re crazy types of food.  Like pickles.  We get so excited when we have pickles at home.  You’d think that excitement would make us want to buy them all the time but we don’t because, what.. they’re a whole $4 a jar?  They always seem like such a splurge, but in reality we spend just as much on spur of the moment purchases – like tofurkey corndogs or our eighth jar of teriyaki sauce.   It’s just not fair to the pickles.

Another one is orange juice.  I ALWAYS want to buy orange juice when we’re grocery shopping but whenever I reach for it Casey is all like, B*tch are you for real? That “not from concentrate” kind is $4.29 for a half gallon!  You must be trippin – Put that down and meet me over by the beets.  (This may or may not be an exaggeration of how Casey thinks/talks but we all know he has a not-so-secret desire to be Usher, so let’s just pretend for now, ok?)  But man, I just love me some oj.

There are more.  Oh yes.  Salsa, pineapple, avocados, ALL THE CHIPS, chocolate milk…  All affordable but we rarely buy any of it.  But when we do, it’s magical.

Anyways, the point is…. that we are pretty sad.  Or maybe it’s just me.  I probably should lump Casey in with me on this nonsense.  He hasn’t done anything to deserve it – except make me listen to Usher.

I’m embarrassed by this post.  Anyone else feel this way about certain foods?  No, just me?  Cool.  


cherries & romaine.

It’s springtime YOU GUISE!  Wouldja just look at those cherry blossoms?  Just look at em’! Those little beauties are all over the Portland waterfront these days.  I can’t get enough.  And I’m super excited because (cover your ears MN readers) it’s supposed to be in the 70’s this coming weekend!  Gah!  I’m Elaine-dancing all over the place at the thought of that kind of weather.

In other news, I just noticed that someone in my office has some green food in their teeth. But I didn’t say anything.  This person has a tendency to make me all kinds of stressed, so maybe this is karma? Big beautiful romaine karma.  

Cherry blossoms AND romaine!?  Between all this foliage, I’d say today is a win.


always proof your emails. and other friday things.

Yesterday I wrote an email to a client, notifying her about an unflattering article that was written about her company.  I included a link to the article so she could see it for herself… It went a little something like this (obviously names/details have been taken out):


We got a call from someone at NEWS who said that YOUR COMPANY did SOMETHING.    Apparently that info came from this blog article.  Our response to NEWS was that this report had no merit, to our knowledge.  Just a heads up, in case you get any interesting calls.

No big deal, right?

Well, it wouldn’t have been except I effed up.  See, instead of linking to the actual article in that email, I linked to this.  Which I didn’t find out until after I sent the email and received a response from her that said “Shawnna, I think you sent me the wrong link.  Unless this is a joke?”.

I wish I could have just played it off as a joke.  But I’m not that cool.  I eventually had to respond with the right link, and apologize profusely for being a truly immature individual who gets a kick out of scary looking pugs.

Anyways, lesson learned.  Always proofread and prooflink your emails, people!

Moving on, I CAN’T EVEN handle that’s it’s Friday right now.  We have big plans for the weekend – including sitting on the couch, March Madness-ing, going to the dog park, and then sitting on the chair.  That is all.

Have a great weekend my dears!


The other day Casey and I took Gus to a beagle meet up at a nearby dog park.  (When I first typed that I wrote ‘meat up’, and now I’m slightly traumatized at the thought of dog meat).  It was seriously the cutest funniest thing ever.  Beagles by nature are one of the most amusing dog breeds – and we were kinda excited to see how Gus would stack up next to his fellow puppy-kind.  Gus has a tendency at the dog park to play half the time and then spend the other half wandering around by himself, sniffing.  And contemplating life, I’m sure.  He’s an interesting one, that pig.  Anyways, it was awesome.

I mean, look at them!




[ douglas and gus.  douglas = not a beagle.  douglas = loves to run as hard and fast as possible (2mph) and slam into people’s legs.  my legs = bruised. also, gus is smiling. ]photo4[ yup, ^^ there’s gus. ^^  just wandering around by himself. i like to picture him singing “miss independent” while roaming around all by his lonesome. ]


But probably the most amusing part of the day happened after we left…  when I sent a few of the pictures to Casey’s and my mom.  And it wasn’t until a few hours later when I was flipping through those pictures and noticed one that probably wasn’t as… cute as I had originally thought.

Photos I sent: Hey moms, we took the pig to a beagle meet up!  He’s exhausted.pigpark

They seemed innocent and cute enough.  At second glance, however, I realized that Gus probably wasn’t the only one who was exhausted….


Whoops.  Sorry moms.

Also.  These photos reveal just how stylish beagle owners are.  Who knew that stonewashed jeans and performance fleece (fleeces? flice?)  were back in style?

Until next time, pig-a-palooza.