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this week, nbd.

Crikey!  The level of stuff going on in life has reached an all time high.  So much stuff.  So many stuffs.  Too much stuffing.

For starters, we move into our sweet NEW HOUSE on Friday.  And we couldn’t be more excited! Like I mentioned last week, I’ve been a little nervous about talking about it until it was 100% confirmed.  But last Thursday our loan was finalized.  We have yet to sign the papers, but that should be happening in the next 24 hours.  So.  We have a house.  We move in in 3 days.  In other words: WHAT.

Can I just take a second to talk about how amazing the house buying process is?  I mean, how cool is it that you really don’t know for sure if you have a house until a week before you’re supposed to move in?  Talk about funsies!  I’m totally kidding, of course.  House buying can suck it.  Luckily we have a kick ace realtor who totally held our hands through the whole process.

I shouldn’t complain, because a HOUSE!  Gus cannot wait to have a backyard to run around in. And I cannot wait to have a spot to plant my brussel sprout.  And two bathrooms (am i right girls?)  And no shared walls.  And a dining room that isn’t our couch.  And a doormat…. preferably the one that says “Hi. I’m Mat.”  So many things.  Gah!  I can’t wait.

On top of that small life change, I’ve also quit my current job and accepted a new one at another ad agency.  The new agency is the Everest of ad agencies.  It’s a place I read about in college and never dreamt I’d get a chance to work at as a big kid.  I’m basically freaking out in all possible ways – excitement, nervousness, disbelief, hunger….  It’s all happening.  I feel like Maya Rudolph in Bridesmaids, when she’s waddling across the street in the wedding dress.  But instead of poo-ing myself, I just have diarrhea of the emotions.

So basically, in two weeks our life will be flipped turned upside down, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air style.  My brain is shot, my nerves are fried and I have a constant headache just north of my unibrow.  But I seriously couldn’t be more excited…

Now, please send me all your boxes and your money because I’m moving and I need to buy some STUFF!



A lot’s been happening in Thompson-land these days.  Between work and the still not-finalized possibility of moving next Friday (!!), life has been nuts.  I’m a little superstitous to talk about plans that aren’t 100% confirmed, so for now I’m staying quiet on specific details of said nuts-ness.

BUT, I will talk about how I am now a gardener.  True story.

My lovely, wonderful mom sent me a gardening kit for my birthday last week (thanks ma!) that had all kinds of tools and fancy gloves and something for a hose and all kinds of shenanigans to get started with our very first garden. I’m a huge lover of farmers markets and fresh veggies, so I’m super excited at the thought of actually producing my own… produce.

photo (64)[ Gus most definitely will dig up and eat 93% of any kind of anything that we grow ]

But let’s just be clear that I’ve never gardened before.  I helped weed a few times back in the day, but as an adult the closest I’ve ever been to gardening is dumping leftover ice cubes into an already dying desk plant.  I have a seriously bad track record with plants.  I once was given a cactus as a gift and I watered it so much that it drown.

But! I’m 28 now, so that means I’m capable of sustaining plant life.  Right?  Right.

We planted some of the seeds in little indoor pots over the weekend, so fingers crossed that those little suckers survive.  I feel like it’s going to work, especially since Casey and I did it together.  If not, I have someone to blame it on other than myself.  photo (65) photo (60)

[ Proud new owner of a brussel sprout, sprout. ]

it’s my birthday! feed me things.

It’s my 28th birthday today!  I’m not sure how I feel about it quite yet, except that I do and it’s weird.  Every year since 22 has seemed so much older than the year before.  And I’m fairly certain it will continue to feel that way until age 37, at which point I will become one of those people who charmingly “forgets” how old they are.  I already have a whole response worked out for when people ask me my age…  I’ll say something like “Age doesn’t matter – unless you’re cheese”, and then casually flip my beautiful hair over my shoulder while taking a sip out of my glass of champagne – because my hair will be glorious at age 37 and I will always have a glass of champagne when people ask my age.  That’s how it works, right?

Anyways, back to 28.  So far it’s been pretty foody.  Casey made me breakfast before work. And then my boss brought donuts in for my birthday. But don’t worry, I only ate half of one….. (twice). I also spilled soup on my new shirt even though I haven’t eaten any soup.  Riddle me that. 

28[birthday girl, pre-soup.]

Donuts and all, 28 has been good to me so far.  Lots of calls and texts and Facebook love.  In fact, someone just wrote me a birthday message on my FB wall that just said “HBD”, which made me laugh. Kids these days….

Welp, time to eat another donut get back to work!  “HAGD”!!

easter weekend was all kinds of great.

photo (28)Let’s give a nice big shoutout to Mother Nature this past weekend because as predicated,  she was magnificent.  Mid-70’s, sunny, perfection.  All.weekend.long.

There was a trip to the largest dog park in the universe where we spent almost 3 HOURS on Saturday morning.  The seasoned enthusiasts call it “Disneyland for Dogs” and I can see why… Gus friggin’ loved it.  And it’s so big that we barely saw anyone while we were hiking around even though there were probably hundreds of people/pups there.   Thankfully, no one but us saw when Gus decided to rub his entire body all over a dead skunk.  I’m not kidding.  He also ate a chunk of horse poo.  ……….. That’s all I have to say about that.

photo (30)

Among many other more respectable activities, we were also invited to a friends’ parents house for Easter brunch.  I hadn’t given much thought to Easter this year, probably because it’s generally a family holiday and we have no family out here.  But it was a nice surprise to be invited to the burbs by our friends – especially since what we thought would be a maybe-awkward, mostly-family gathering was actually a mix of their closest pals and neighbors.  It turns out that this group of people, who have all lived in that neighborhood at one time or another, have been getting together for holidays for years.  I’m talking 25+ years.  Most of them are Oregon-transplants who don’t have much family in the area so they’ve all basically adopted each other and each others’ children as their family.  It was so sweet to hear their stories and see photos of the same group of people from Easter, 20 years ago.  It definitely gave us hope for our future in Portland.  Because it can be so hard to be away from our families.  Especially knowing that we’re missing out on holidays and memories.  (do you hear tiny violins playing yet because I sure do.)  Seriously though, the “family” that we met on Sunday made me excited to continue making friends so great that even if were aren’t able to be in MN for a holiday, we’ll still have our own Portland family to celebrate with.

So, all that being said, who wants to hang out with me for Memorial Day?  No (27)