letters to my life.


Dear new house, I love you so much.  But can you please unpack yourself?  I think you owe it to us after we spent 5 days painting your insides.

Dear neighbors, so far you all seem a little goofy.  We should fit right in.

Dear weekend, you look hot.  Literally.  84 degrees.  You saucy minx, you….

Dear Mom & Brother, I can’t wait to see your sweet midwest faces tomorrow!

Dear Mom & Brother again, Do you remember what 84 degrees feels like?  It’s warm.

Dear painting, you’re a little b*tch.  No wonder no one likes you.  If only you weren’t so dirty and time-consuming…

Dear Dad, thank you for helping us move last weekend.  You’re the best.  Dad’s like you deserve a medal.  A medal made out of whiskey.

Dear current job, tomorrow we shall part ways.  I will miss all your beer, and I’ll miss all your people.  Well, all your people except for one.  I will not miss him.  I wish him a lifetime of painting.

Dear future job, I’ll see you next Tuesday.  Can you please be gentle?  You scare the fack out of me.

Dear vitamins, where you at yo?  I can’t seem to find you in any of our boxes and I’m worried about developing osteoporosis after all the painting.  (there’s a correlation there, right?)

Dear feet, I think you smell today?  But you shouldn’t because I showered and I’m wearing slightly new shoes.  Let’s discuss.

Dear coworker, I’m sorry if you caught a glimpse of me smelling my feet.

Dear me, blog more.

Dear you, thanks for stopping by!  xx




4 thoughts on “letters to my life.

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