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A lot’s been happening in Thompson-land these days.  Between work and the still not-finalized possibility of moving next Friday (!!), life has been nuts.  I’m a little superstitous to talk about plans that aren’t 100% confirmed, so for now I’m staying quiet on specific details of said nuts-ness.

BUT, I will talk about how I am now a gardener.  True story.

My lovely, wonderful mom sent me a gardening kit for my birthday last week (thanks ma!) that had all kinds of tools and fancy gloves and something for a hose and all kinds of shenanigans to get started with our very first garden. I’m a huge lover of farmers markets and fresh veggies, so I’m super excited at the thought of actually producing my own… produce.

photo (64)[ Gus most definitely will dig up and eat 93% of any kind of anything that we grow ]

But let’s just be clear that I’ve never gardened before.  I helped weed a few times back in the day, but as an adult the closest I’ve ever been to gardening is dumping leftover ice cubes into an already dying desk plant.  I have a seriously bad track record with plants.  I once was given a cactus as a gift and I watered it so much that it drown.

But! I’m 28 now, so that means I’m capable of sustaining plant life.  Right?  Right.

We planted some of the seeds in little indoor pots over the weekend, so fingers crossed that those little suckers survive.  I feel like it’s going to work, especially since Casey and I did it together.  If not, I have someone to blame it on other than myself.  photo (65) photo (60)

[ Proud new owner of a brussel sprout, sprout. ]