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weekend recap.

Hullo Monday!!  Let’s pretend we’re excited to see you, shall we?  Fake it til you make it, and stuff.

How was everyone’s weekend?  Ours was good.  Not fantastic, not god-awful, just plain old good.  You feel me?

We attempted to go camping on Mt Hood on Friday, but halfway up the mountain the weather switched from sunny to the Perfect Storm.  Like, scary, swirly, cartoon-style lightening and hail storm.  Dang it if I wasn’t excited to experience lightening and thunder though!  That’s (one of the) crazy things about Portland, it rains like whoa but there are never actually any thunderstorms.  I miss them so terribly much… Anyways!  It was creepy and we decided we didn’t really feel like death by lightening bolt so we turned around, went home and watched 3 episodes of Orange is the New Black instead.  Has anyone else been watching that show?  We’re obsessed.  Netflix has been killing it with their original series’s lately, don’t you think?

So no camping for us, but who doesn’t love to spend 5 hours in the car for no reason?

pup shoulder[ somebody really wanted to sit in the front seat with me. ]

family photo[ family photo of the camping trip that wasn’t. ]

We also hit up a driving range on Saturday.  It’s only been 3 years since I hit a golf ball and it’s kind of shocking how sore my back is.  I was pleasantly surprised though that I didn’t accidentally toss my club while swinging OR intentionally bash it into the ground out of frustration.  Neither of those things have ever happened before, of course.  (…side-eye….)  I’m NOT a good golfer, let’s just be honest here.  This is a safe space.

It was way more fun than I remembered though.  And we weren’t even drinking beers!  Riddle me that.

Check out all our skillz.

casey golfs[ he was really patient with me.  and he gave me most of the balls.  which sounds weird.  ]

golfer 1[ i’m so good and golf is serious. ]

golfer 2[ just kidding i’m terrible and weeee! ]

Is it Tuesday yet?