Hi there!  My name is Shawnna and this is my little blog adventure where I share stories about my life with my husband, Casey and our beagle, Gus.  We recently moved to Portland, OR and are still working out the kinks of being the new kids in town.  This is where I document our explorations in our new city – including making new friends, eating lots of food and occasionally drinking too much wine.  Thanks for stopping by!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. wifemothereventplanner

    found your blog via giggles..or happy giggles or something. Loved your post on pet peeves (too much fusion being my big pet peeve. I don’t want pizza sushi. I want pizza. then I want sushi). Can’t wait to read all your other posts! I’m headin’ to June ’12!

    1. Shawnna Post author

      hahaha pizza sushi! there are a LOT of fusion restaurants in Portland. Obnoxious: yes. Delicious: crap, yes. Thanks for taking the time to read the ol’ blog! Can’t wait to check yours out too :)


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